Checking Out A Diddly Bo

3 string cigar box fiddle

The Diddly Bo or Cigar Box Guitar has its origins from West Africa. Where children would play it as a percussion instrument with a slide. Sometime only have one string. Using the slide to move up and down the neck to change the pitch. Coming to America with the slaves it was seen as a easy to make musical instrument. Once going into commercial production and marketed at a toy in the turn of the century.


The Neck corners have brass protectors

You can see here a old fashion metal shoehorn was used folded over the box and they screw is left for the strap

Life at the Barn

The goings on behind the scenes

Friends of Patsbarn



Sweat Equity

Dugout Boys

No Vacancy Rocks

Fleetwood Max Singer

Chasing the Sun visits Patsbarn