Open Jam Series Episode 3

A regular happening here at Patsbarn where local musicians from all walk and genres come together and jam.

Concrete Angels

Episode 21 with 18 clips of The Concrete Angels from Ann Arbor at Patsbarn

Crossing Woodward @ Patsbarn

Local metro Detroit up and coming cover band Crossing Woodward stops in at Patsbarn!

Open Jam Series Episode 4

Livonia based cover band Chasing the Sun comes to visit the gang at Patsbarn...

August 2018

  • "Open Jam Night"

    August 11th 2018
  • "Gabbys Birthday Party 2pm"

    August 12th 2018
  • "2nd Annual Party in the Park"

    August 18st 2018
  • "Barn Rats Rehersal"

    August 25th 2018

September 2018

  • "Open Jam Night"

    September 1st 2018
  • "Open for a guest band"

    September 8th 2018
  • "Barn Rats Rehersal"

    September 15th 2018
  • "Open Jam Night"

    September 22nd 2018

Flight of the Drumkit

Pats Ludwig Kit on the stage at Patsbarn

We do something really unique in the Metro Detroit Music Scene. Learn all about it here ...

Members Only Private Club

Below is how one becomes a member

  • You have to be invited by a member willing to sponsor you
  • Attend a few events with your sponsor
  • Always have a positive friendly demeanor
  • Pay your $5 a month membership fee
  • This is a work in progress

Murder Mystery Night

Has Been Postponed to a later date so as I may better prepare for this evening of improve suspense. More suitable for winter months

Who's Line Is It Night!


So what do you think? Sound like fun? Let me know your opinions

Life at the Barn

The goings on behind the scenes

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In Depth With The Musicians

Close up interviews with guest,friends and talent at Patsbarn

  • "Bill Kennedy"

    Bass player for Shamus
  • "Stand Up Comedian Bubba"

  • "Pat Novack"

    Our Club President